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2020 Update

A Year of Changes and Challenges

During Waste Reduction Week, in October 2020, the Ontario Government announced a sizeable investment to assist in food rescue.

As part of the Surplus Food Redistribution Infrastructure Program, the government has provided funding to significantly assist the LFC by increasing our food collection and storage capabilities.

This is especially important as COVID-19 pandemic has caused a huge increase in need in our community.

With some member agencies reporting double the demand. But with nowhere to store the food, we were forced to turn down donations. 

Funds have been used to purchase mobile fridge/freezers to allow the collection and safe storage of excess produce and meats from our donors. 

Daily, the LFC truck, rescues food from Costco, Walmart, Tim Horton's, Subway, Giant Tiger, and Starbucks.

Our truck picked up approximately 125,000lbs from our grocer and restaurant partners in 2020.

But we couldn't do it with out all of our partners in food security in London.

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