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Tackling the Issue

The Problem

In Canada, more than $31 billion worth of food is thrown out annually. Grocery stores make up nearly half of that total. Much is still fresh and edible, but is disposed of to make room for newer stock, or thrown out due to minor cosmetic reasons.
According to Statistics Canada, in London, Ontario there are more than 54,000 residents living in poverty. With nearly 3,500 families, and more than 8,000 individuals using the London Food Bank.

Garbage Dump Pick-Up & Hauling

Making a Difference

Education & Outreach

When grocery stores receive new shipments from their suppliers, older food is removed to make room for the newer produce. The older food which is often still healthy, is destined for the dumpster. Our goal is to take that food out of the landfill.
The excess produce is picked up by the London Food Coalition Inc., then dropped off at our food hub. Here the food is sorted and repacked in storage bins for redistribution to our partner agencies.


Doing What’s Needed

Community Development

The London Food Coalition Inc. is dedicated to creating food prosperity initiatives that assert fresh food as a fundamental right. Fresh food is integral to many different community programs in the city. This initiative provides essential resources for family cooking programs, nutritional and educational programming, camp programs, and healthy meals for children and families. Furthermore, this coalition reduces the costs of food for London organizations.

Community Service
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