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Building a Longer Table at Crouch

You’ve heard the saying “build a longer table, not a taller fence” and that is exactly what’s happening for the staff, volunteers and patrons of Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre. Community Worker, Carolyn Luistro-Innis had this to say about the community meal program she coordinates at the Centre:

"The collective kitchen I facilitate (as a member of the Food Coalition), utilizes food that is recovered in order to provide a community dinner program. Exploring what family means and looks like in the context of sharing food and meaningful face to face interaction. We do all of this while ensuring healthy meals are prepared with an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables. It is our conviction that this will bridge gaps that create food and social deserts in the community."

Food is not just a physical necessity, but a cultural one. Many of us dine together with friends and family to socialize and learn about each other through shared experiences. But for some, community meals are a necessity, where the food and conversation provide a measure of security and consistency. Community meals thrive and depend on food donations which is why the LFC is dedicated to recovering and collecting food from various retailers throughout the city. In 2019 we are learning that sustainability goes beyond funding and at its core, begins with utilizing what is already available but not always attainable.

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