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7 Ways to Avoid Food Waste

Did you know $31 billion worth of food is wasted in Canada each year? That is approximately 40% of food produced yearly in the country. And almost half of that food waste occurs in our homes. Food waste costs us money, drives up food prices, depletes environmental resources like water and land, and is just downright unnecessary.

Do your wallet a favor and stop sending edible food to the landfill. These simple tips will help you reduce your food waste:

1. Save your scraps.

Vegetable peelings, trimmed ends and bones can all be used to make homemade broth.

2. Love your leftovers.

Turn yesterday’s dinner into today’s lunch. Throw roasted veggies into a stir-fry, transform potatoes into hash browns, add leftover grains to a stew, or toss any protein into a sandwich. The possibilities are endless.

3. Plan ahead.

Plan your meals and make a shopping list. It’ll help you stay on track and buy only what you need – the right food in the right quantities to make the perfect dinner.

4. Organization is key.

Take inventory of your fridge before you head to the grocery store. Bring your older produce to the front to use it up first.

5. The freezer is your friend.

Worried your meals are on the verge of going bad? Just pop them into the freezer to extend their life and save for a rainy day.

6. Make food last.

There are a ton of tricks you can learn to extend the shelf life of your produce. Many veggies last longer if you submerge them in water and herbs stay fresher if you stick the stems in a cup of water. You can even brush up on some preservation methods such as pickling and canning.

7. Compost.

If your food has passed the point of no return, create a compost pile. Keep food waste out of landfills in order to reduce the production of harmful methane emissions.

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